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Sandhya Mehta, Esq.

Ms. Mehta advises businesses on corporate, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and technology transactions, as well as India-US matters. She has represented high-profile Indian companies in in such as automotive, medical devices, genomics, pharmaceuticals financial services and IT consulting, with respect to conducting business in the U.S.

Ms. Mehta is also licensed to practice law in India.

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I help Indian businesses in the US aerospace and defense sector.  

This means legal advice regarding business relationships - including joint ventures, contract manufacturing, technology collaboration, licensing and teaming arrangements, and intellectual property issues of all kinds.  It also includes strategic advice such as market analysis, partner identification, negotiation support and ongoing intelligence-gathering. I collaborate with others who have the right experience, background or contacts wherever effective for you, if you approve.  


I grew up in Delhi, and I’m fortunate to be a member of a large, loving extended family spread out over the globe.  As a newly-minted lawyer in Delhi, I most enjoyed appearing in the chaotic, colorful local courts and the High Court of Delhi.  The intellectual pleasure of parsing a new national securities law for argument before the Supreme Court of India rather paled in comparison with the real-world issues I encountered at close quarters in the “lower” courts.  I saw at close quarters how law affected people – the nitty-gritty of Indian company law, landlord-tenant law, family law and even criminal law.    

U. S.

I work in Washington, D.C.  Before D.C. I lived in California and New York.   Before obtaining my California bar license I volunteered at the local World Trade Center chapter, the Business and Tax section of the California Department of Justice and a county Public Defender’s office, all in southern California.  Viewing the US through the lens of very distinct legal challenges was almost as riveting as my lawyerly experience in Delhi.  

To qualify as a candidate for the New York bar exam I completed the Master’s program at Columbia University. I was thrilled to be invited to a prestigious large law firm.  In that role and since, I’ve been helping clients effectively solve business problems.   These clients include top IT, automobile, medical device, consumer products and financial services companies.  I’ve gravitated towards Indian clients, because I recognize that I bring a unique set of skills that are particularly useful to them.  To be frank, another big reason is that I enjoy the daily connection between my two “homes” from doing U.S.-India work.

Indian companies  

I’ve lived and lawyered in India as well as the US, which gives me a unique ability to spot nuances and craft solutions.  In the course of representing Indian clients for a decade, I’ve gained the trust of well-known business groups and small companies alike.  As the US-India bond has grown in recent year, so have bilateral business opportunities, particularly in A & D.  

Aerospace & Defence (A&D)

I credit my real initiation into this world to my friend, J. C., who indulged a stranger’s curiosity on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai.  At about the same time, I read an engrossing account of an Italian mercenary’s life in Dara Shikoh’s court.  I’m deeply intrigued by how societies choose to defend themselves while remaining true to their values, in the past and the present.

A & D is not for the faint of heart.  High standards, whether functional or regulatory, come with the territory.  Credibility is difficult to come by and easily lost by foreign vendors who demonstrate a lack of sophistication or maturity.  

Those already familiar with A & D in the U.S. implicitly understand that success is virtually impossible sans the right expertise, and many employ legions of specialists to assist from the very inception i.e. from the initial planning stages.  If anything, support of niche experts is even more essential for foreign companies seeking to make a mark or acquire a new presence in the US A & D sector.  

I have access to a broad spectrum of expertise among A&D specialists, often superior to canned material compiled by pre-assembled teams at the “usual suspects.”  Using independent experts is also cost-effective because the client’s bill no longer has to cover large overheads or salaries of major consulting or law firms. 

I advise new entrants to be prepared with resilience and a long view.  As India realizes its destiny and the US re-evaluates friends and foes, for those with willingness to perform at high levels and with staying power, the rewards can be commensurately large. 

Other Interests

Backyard horticulture, time permitting.  Frugal technology’s impact (I’ve been involved with the Jaipur Foot for many years).



Any company doing business in or with the U.S. needs a seasoned legal guide to succeed.  I help Indian companies avoid mistakes and take the most efficient path forward.  I’ve helped companies in a range of industries with below matters, and I can help you as well:

Business Formation
Intellectual Property
Software Development
Corporate Governance
Mergers & Acquisitions
SEC Compliance
Non-Disclosure Agreements

Strategic Advice

I help Indian companies enter and expand in U.S. aerospace and defence.  The promise of this new, multi-billion dollar and growing market is huge.  Barriers to entry are high and complicated, and the risk of crashing at take-off are high.   

I’m connected to a great team of subject matter experts with a depth of A&D experience in government, professional services and the private sector.

To manage opportunities and risks in your path, I can help you with:

Understanding your target market, so you have a qualitative and quantitative basis for your strategic decisions
Devising an offset strategy
Preparing an independent case assessment regarding the return on a proposed venture, including recommending against such a venture if inconsistent with your objectives
Modeling requirements – current and projected – for your products and services
Helping you build credibility as a reliable business and meet regulatory formalities
Identifying the right subset of foreign partners for you (whether at tier 1 or tier n) to benefit from offset-related opportunities
Advising on costs and benefits of teaming with particular companies, assessing potential joint venture scenarios.
Meeting potential JV candidates on your behalf
Enhancing your ability to reach the right decision-makers
Coaching you for key presentations
Keeping track of market dynamics – such as future procurements and competitor-related changes
Gathering information from government and commercial sources

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